Who We Are

Community Housing Associates (CHA) is a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing the harsh realities of homelessness or those on the brink of losing their homes in Baltimore, Maryland. We are driven by a steadfast commitment to providing ongoing housing support and essential services that empower our community members to find stable and sustainable housing solutions.

Our Mission: Bringing Stability Home

At CHA, our mission is clear and resolute: to assist individuals and families in their transition into permanent, affordable housing and to help them maintain this vital stability. We understand that a safe and secure place to call home is not just a fundamental human need but also the cornerstone upon which individuals can build brighter futures.

Our Approach: Collaborative and Compassionate

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Working hand-in-hand with developers, investors, and community leaders, we leverage our unique expertise and resources to forge successful housing initiatives that bring real change to our community. Through these partnerships, we strive to expand our reach, ensuring that more individuals find the support they need to overcome homelessness and housing instability.

Our Vision: Strengthening Livelihoods, Building Communities

CHA’s vision extends beyond housing. We aspire to be a bridge that connects people in need with those who can offer resources to enhance their livelihoods. By addressing the root causes of homelessness and housing insecurity, we aim to empower individuals and families to not only secure stable housing but also build brighter and more prosperous lives.

Join Us in Making a Difference

At Community Housing Associates, we are more than an organization; we are a community of caring individuals who believe in the transformative power of stable housing and supportive services. Together, we can create a future where homelessness is a thing of the past, and every member of our community has the opportunity to thrive.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you are looking for support, want to get involved as a volunteer or partner, or simply want to learn more about our work, we welcome you with open arms. Together, we can bring stability home and build a brighter future for Baltimore, one family, and one individual at a time.